HUBS: Saidanpur

SPOKES: Shahabpur, Masauli, Bansa, Rampur Katra, Bindaura, Bado Sarai, Baraulia, Kotawadham, Mailaraiganj

The district Barabanki is situated about 29 kms in the East direction of Lucknow the Capital of Uttar Pradesh. This district being one of the four districts of Faizabad division, is located in the heart of Awadh region. The district is well fed by rivers Ghaghra (forming the northern boundary – TARAI region), Gomti (flowing through the middle of the district – GOMTI PAR region) and Kalyani and their tributaries (HAR region), for the major part of the year. Some rivers dry out in the summer, and get flooded during the rainy season. The principal crops are rice, wheat, pulse and other food grains and sugarcane. The only mineral of any note found in the district is sand, which is available in sufficient quantity on river banks, and is used in construction works. The district is also noted for its deposits of brick earth. The changing course of the river Ghagra changes the land area in the district, year to year, which at present according to 2011 Census is 3891.5 sq. kms. The district area of which rural area covers the majority part, of 3839.11 Sq.Kms and the remaining part of 52.39 Sq.Kms of the district is urban. The district area comprises a total population of 32,60,699.

The district’s economy is primarily based on agriculture. Agriculture, bio-gas plants, animal husbandry, small-scale industries provide direct and indirect employment to the people of district. In district Barabanki subsistence agriculture is practiced. Farmers rotate up to five crops round the year. Barabanki is one of the big potato producing areas in UP, potato covers 2.8 per cent of sown area in district which is higher than UP average which is less than 2.0 percent. Wheat, rice and maize are chief food crops of the district. Opium, menthol oil, sugarcane, fruits (Mango, Banana, Mushroom, etc.), vegetables (potato, tomato etc.) flowers (Gladiolus etc.), spices, etc. are chief cash crops of district. District also exports Mangoes and vegetables. Barabanki has been major hub of opium production since the days of British rule involving thousands of farmers; Barabanki district opium officer is based at Afeem Kothi is the only one in the state dealing with opium production. Apart from Crop farming, Livestock based farming system, Broiler farming, and Fish cultivation is also prevalent in the district, Bee keeping is also practiced in the Dewa block of the district. The district possesses enthralling cottage industry which ranges its products from Handicraft industry, Handloom industry, Weaving products and Zardosi Embroidery.