SPOKES: Tain, Salamba, Bainsi, Sudaka, Raipuri, Babupur, Kherla, Meoli, Akera, Malab

One of the two pilot hub centres of Smartpur is located in Tain village in Nuh district of Haryana. Spread across 1,860 sq km, Nuh is home to a population of 1.09 million people, most of whom are agriculturists Meos. It is located at Gram Sachiwalaya. As much as 88 per cent of the district’s population resides in rural parts of the district where merely 37.6 per cent females are literate against 73 per cent literate males (Census 2011).

This part of the country is infamous for diarrhoea or acute respiratory infection-induced deaths among children. After agriculture, animal husbandry, particularly for dairy, is the secondary source of income, however, due to heavy indebtedness, farmers are forced to sell milk to lenders at much lower prices. Based on various socio-economic parameters, the district falls way behind when compared to other districts.

The district has many hidden yet momentous historical places to visit – Shahi Masjid (Malab), Chuhimal Pond, Seth Chuhimal Chatri, etc.