Smartpur digital village ecosystem has been designed keeping in mind its sustainability, scalability, replicability and large-scale impact in a hub-and-spoke model.

The model works across (Health, Education, Governance, Livelihood, Finance and Entertainment), primary services for which will be provided at the hub center and redistributed across nine spoke centers, located within a radius of 5 km from the hub center.

The hub will be operated by a team of local entrepreneurs, each team member proficient and trained in delivering and performing activities under the six pillars. While rural entrepreneurs at the hub centers provide primary services under the six key areas of development—health, education, livelihood, governance, finance and entertainment—rural entrepreneurs at the spoke centers will further redistribute these services in their respective villages. Together, the hub and the spoke entrepreneurs aim to create digitally-equipped and information-rich communities, thereby setting an example of model smart villages in India.

The hub center would be equipped with desktop computers, laptops, projectors, telemedicine & diagnostic kit, public payment infrastructure. It will also provide access to relevant information, job portals, online repositories of schemes & educational materials, and apps that will facilitate the rural entrepreneurs to provide services across the six pillars.

The ecosystem will work in collaboration with all relevant community stakeholders to instill ownership and oneness among the community and the infrastructure or resources made available to them. These collaborations would be with the following groups towards creating a healthy, efficient and stable ecosystem:

  • Public health centers, community health centers, aanganwadi kendra, private and public hospitals, doctors and other health officials in the HEALTH pillar.
  • Public and private schools, colleges, libraries, teachers and students under the EDUCATION pillar
  • Training institutes and government master trainers under the LIVELIHOOD pillar
  • Panchayat representatives, block office staff and government officials under the GOVERNANCE pillar
  • Public and private banks, banking kiosks and banking correspondents under the FINANCE pillar
  • Men, women, children and youth in the community under the ENTERTAINMENT pillar