Smartpur- A Collective Effort of Women On Ground

Women’s empowerment plays a pivotal role in the overall development of any country besides positively impacting the day to day lives of women. The progressive change in the fields of employment and information technology have brought a wide range of opportunities for women in India and across the globe. The reforming development in mobile technology has brought world communities closer, narrowing down the digital divide. One, now has access to the everyday national and global news at their fingertips, this has led to women being more socially and culturally aware.

Breaking the Stereotype

K Shiva Laxmi is a young girl from Cheemalapalli village of Andhra Pradesh. She was always motivate to see her father going to work and aspired to find a job and work dedicatedly like him. After completing her graduation she started to look for a job, soon she realized that without being digitally literate it was hard to find a decent job.

Covid-19 relief by mapping and identifying

Smartpur’s Bhimapur team in Uttar Pradesh worked on identifying pockets and mapping the areas to find families and individuals who do not have ration cards and are in urgent need. With the help of the local administration, they prepared a kit which included dry ration to help the families sustain for at least a month along with masks, sanitisers and leaflets with measures for preventive…

Extending e-Governance to farmers

Due to COVID-19 a new rule has been introduced for the farming sector. Now, in order to sell the crops farmers have to first register on the government portal, followed by obtaining a pass which is provided by the CSCs where our Smartpur Nuh team played an important role. The coordinators with CSC licence, in association with the district administration, not only verified their passes…